Alva Design

From Minas Gerais, ALVA works - among other materials - with soap stone, a typical material from the state. It is, at the same time, a resistant and soft material, easy to be shaped into many versatile forms, either sculptural or utilitary. Another peculiarity of soap stone is its wide range of colors, and because it is a natural material, each piece presents an unique color tone.


About the collection

The ITA-collection was inspired by the latin-american indigenous people. The ornaments in brass and hard woods refer to the body accessories their people use. Besides, ITA means 'stone' in Tupi-Guarani language. The AMORFOS-series intended to explore to the extreme the plasticity of soap stone, resulting in a set of sculptures-vases that combines different ratios of masses and voids. The BOLA SABAO-pots were developed in partnership with designer Tatiana Queiroz, combining pure stone forms and light silhouettes of brass. The AOI-collection was developed in partnership with Tatiana Queiroz as well, and was created as a set of three vases with distinct and complementary shapes. They work together, as a set, or as individual vases, with or without their lid, as utilitary or ornamental objects.

Collection items