Cornelius Vandeputte


About the collection

Cornelius Vandeputte (1969) is a Belgian sculptor who started his artistic career at a very young age in theatre. Later on, he became captivated by dance and decided to attend the State School for ballet in Antwerp. Due to physical issues, Cornelius had to abandon his dancing career and make a career switch. He started working in the film industry in the UK, and, being interested in the world of wine as well, as a wine consultant. After living and working abroad for many years, Vandeputte decided to return to his roots and move back to Belgium. The artist began another new chapter in his life, entering the Academy of Arts in Ieper to study sculpture. As a sculptor, Cornelius very cleverly integrates dance into his designs. He aims to stretch the limits of the material, employing shapes that evoke movement and tension and convey emotion.

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