Love People

Gardeco cares about the world. We think it is very important to support projects that provide jobs, education but also health and recreation. Therefore we have selected a few projects to support the world and that align with our company values.


The creations in clay and natural pigments by the Brazilian artist Selma Calheira at Cores da Terra are the fruit of strong social commitment. People from humble origins were patiently educated and professionalized as qualified ceramists, allowing them to stay in their area and survive with dignity on their salaries. The story behind the artists determine the character of our art and decorative objects.

The Visitor Gold

In 2019, The Visitor, the friendly design object that became an internationally beloved guest in many interiors, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a limited edition of gold-plated mini-Visitors. Today, The Visitor shows its golden heart and shares part of the proceeds from that special limited-edition series with two social projects. The first project is financing glasses for primary school students. Without visual support, many children would eventually be unable to attend classes, resulting in a hopeless future. The second social project The Visitor is supporting is the creation of an outdoor playground. This completes the circle, as each Visitor is created handmade in a Brazilian ceramics studio that provides work for local residents.


Gardeco Objects donated a part of its profits towards the construction of "Klein Gent," a container village in Kirikhan, South Turkey. This humanitarian initiative, led by 17 organizations from Ghent, Belgium, aims to provide sustainable housing for 300 surviving Turkish families affected by the devastating earthquake in February 2023. By co-funding the project, Gardeco Objects ensures that numerous vulnerable survivors have a shelter, leaving a lasting positive impact on their well-being and the reconstruction of the region. The 21-square-metre containers will be equipped with a living room, kitchenette and bathroom, and replace less safe tents, offering a stable temporary living environment for those in need.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Louise and Marie, the daughters of the owners of Gardeco have been on a mission in Bangkok. Their work with disadvantaged children in Bangkok reflects the ability to help and care. The most motivating goals are those that are within our reach if we exercise some effort.