Love People

Gardeco cares about the world. We think it is very important to support projects that provide jobs, education but also health and recreation. Therefore we have selected a few projects to support the world and that align with our company values.

EMU Cycling Team

Healthy body, healthy mind. Sports does not only give you fitness, but it helps to stay focussed and to clear your head and mind. It is essential to keep the balance between work and recreation. For Gardeco owner, Jan Simaey, his way to keep mind of things is by cycling with a team of cyclists and baptised the team EMU CYCLING TEAM.


The creations in clay and natural pigments by the Brazilian artist Selma Calheira at Cores da Terra are the fruit of strong social commitment. People from humble origins were patiently educated and professionalized as qualified ceramists, allowing them to stay in their area and survive with dignity on their salaries. The story behind the artists determine the character of our art and decorative objects.

Basket KBBC Oostkamp

Because sports can change people’s lives, Gardeco chose to sponsor the basketball club KBBC Oostkamp. Whether as a participant or spectator, sports make a difference in someone’s health or lifestyle. Sport is run at every level imaginable, but always needs volunteers and sponsorships of local or international companies that can help achieve the goals of the club.


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Louise and Marie, the daughters of the owners of Gardeco have been on a mission in Bangkok. Their work with disadvantaged children in Bangkok reflects the ability to help and care. The most motivating goals are those that are within our reach if we exercise some effort.