Dagur, Sif
Dagur, Sif


Örn Porsteinsson
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Travel Pieces – Sif, Dagur

Dagur  is a ceramic figurine designed by the Icelandic sculptor Örn Porsteinsson as part of a series inspired by Norse mythology, the Travel Pieces. In ancient Norse tales, Dagur is the personification of the day, a bright and beautiful character who brings daylight to the Earth.


Dagur’s rounded biomorphic shape and colours are reminiscent of the spectacular Icelandic landscape, making it a charming and aesthetically pleasing statement piece. The figurine is handmade in the ceramics studio Cores da Terra in Brazil and is available in five natural colours: café, musgo, marsala, white and graphite. Slight differences in size and colour may occur as a natural result of the artisanal manufacturing method.