Vase ITA 03
Vase ITA 03
Vase Ita 01
Vase Ita 01

Vase ITA

Susana Bastos & Marcelo Alvarenga
Forms and Functions
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The minimalist vases ITA 01 and ITA 03 are made from milled Brazilian soapstone and designed by siblings Susana Bastos and Marcelo Alvarenga.


Inspired by the indigenous Tupi peoples of Brazil, the designers decorated the vases with wood and brass ornaments that refer to the traditional Tupi body accessories. Besides this, the word ita in Tupi language can be translated in English to stone.


Soapstone is a naturally porous stone that should not to be used with water or any other liquid.  The colour of soapstone can vary from a gentle beige to bright blue and silvery grey.